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A F*ckup's Guide To Self-Help

Aug 26, 2020

John Joseph from the Cromags comes on to talk about being a plant based athlete.
How the Bad Brains made him vegan.
NYC during COVID
How being a Monk beat playing in front of thousands of people and so much more!
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Aug 19, 2020

Jeff Gonzales is a Navy Seal and runs Trident Concepts

We talk about guns, how i'm going to end up getting one, why the left and right won't come together to stop mass shootings, masculinity, fear and so much more. 

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Aug 12, 2020

This weeks co-host is Pro wrestler, philosopher and homie Matt Sydal comes on the pod to talk everything from sex and drugs to gardening and Ram Das. 

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Aug 11, 2020

You guys! I think i'm going to do an extra episode a week. Short and with advice. Full pod still coming tomorrow but I learned a lot today attempting to play basketball and I hope it helps. 

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Aug 5, 2020

Liz Hannah is a brilliant writer and BFF and this weeks COHOST!

We talk COVID updates, managing, and what to do when we get back to normal. How to stay safe without being a crazy who projects rage and fear. 

Also the magical NBC bubble, and how an entire sports org is supporting black lives matter. 

Jordan and the cost...