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A F*ckup's Guide To The Universe

Jun 23, 2022

From Dallas and Austin, from homeless to living my dreams, moving to the east coast, getting hit on by swingers, gay stuff and disagreeing politically. 

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Jun 16, 2022

Today we talk about disagreeing with your friends, kindness, and how I need to meet a nice jewish girl with Taylor Silverman. 

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Jun 8, 2022

Big show today talking all the sh*t. 

Drag shows, talking to people who disagree, gun control, almost fighting old people, almost sleeping with old people. 

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May 26, 2022

This one gets out of control. First a story about hitting my dad then me and Heather sit backstage at a comedy club and TALK MAD SHIT. 

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May 20, 2022

George Bush, Jordan Peterson, Tim Pool, sex dreams, confidence, weight loss, changing your stories, and so much more. This episode was a blast!