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A F*ckup's Guide To Self-Help

Sep 30, 2019

A nice relaxing weekend of crying hysterically.
How to handle breakups. How to call yourself out on your bullshit.
How to breakup with Nazis on the Jewish New Year.
Also SNL was bad.
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Sep 27, 2019

Growing up poor

Shitty comedy clubs

Food stuff

Drug Stuff

Fuck LA stuff. 

Mike pence stuff. 

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Sep 24, 2019

Winners and losers of the Emmys (I don't actually know) 

Is Beto fucking up the anti-gun movement

Joe Biden calls a lady sweetheart and vox freaks out

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Sep 23, 2019

The right gets hypocritical with blackface while the left puts out hypocritical headlines.
30 killed in a drone strike and no one cares.
Gross dorks mock Jordan Peterson for going to rehab.
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Sep 19, 2019

CJ Pearson is a black conservative high school kid with 300k followers who isn't an asshole! Classic story.

I loved this interview and we talk everything from endless war, social media bullshit, talking to the other side, corporations that fuck us all, Trump and more! 

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